My Experience With A Retractable Pool Enclosure

I have had the privilege of having an enclosure in my backyard since I was six years old. It is a real treat being able to swim year round but it’s really the beauty of each season that I can admire through the walls of the enclosure that I love so much.

We live in Canada, so we get the full four seasons (including a pretty rough winter) and watching each season change is really exciting when you have a retractable pool enclosure. It’s like a little bubble of tropical vacation that I can carry with me through each season. My favourite season to swim however is the fall. Some of my favourite memories is swimming and hanging out in the warmth of the enclosure while admiring the colourful leaves on the trees just outside.

Through the years, I’ve watched our backyard oasis grow into something truly spectacular. Vines hang over the rocks at the end of our pool, trees and flowers bloom at any time of the year, and I get a little piece of summer no matter what each season brings. But aside from the beauty of the backyard, having an enclosure has been quite the adventure! Pool parties with my friends are always a hit, even Christmas pool parties (which doesn’t typically exist in Canada) have been a blast. Two of my favourite pool parties have actually taken place while the enclosure was closed. The first started out as any average pool party, the sun was shining, it was a hot summer day and the enclosure was wide open, but as the day progressed a massive thunder storm broke loose and we had to close it, I was really disappointed. But it turned out to be one of the coolest swimming experiences ever, watching the rain and lightning while swimming and blasting music was super exciting and fun.

A few years later for a birthday pool party, my Dad made us a zip line that we attached to the top of one side of the enclosure to the other. Zip lining into the water was one of the best birthday parties I had and my friends had the time of their life! Above all, my favourite thing to do in our enclosure takes place in the winter. My sister and I love to go outside and roll in the snow and then jump back into the warmth of the pool. But besides the thrilling idea of snow and swimming, at the end of the day it’s just nice to spend a night with my family, lounging by the pool without the mosquitoes (which usually eat me alive by the way).
Pool Enclosure Open
Overall, our enclosure is like a little summer oasis that you can step into whatever the weather, it’s a real retreat from the harsh weather conditions we have here and I do everything from swimming to doing my homework in there.

Thanks for the memories Covers In Play.

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