Pool Cover Reel Accessories: Enhance Your Pool Maintenance Experience

pool cover reel accessories

When it comes to pool maintenance, having the right accessories can make all the difference. Pool cover reel accessories complement your pool cover reel and enhance its functionality, convenience, and longevity. From solar heaters to winterizing kits, there are numerous accessories available to improve your pool maintenance experience. Here are some popular pool cover reel […]

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Restaurant Patio Enclosures: 6 Top Benefits

restaurant patio enclosures

Restaurant owners who plan to expand their outdoor space should look into restaurant patio enclosures. As the weather warms up, diners don’t want to miss the opportunity to enjoy their meals under the beautiful sun. You’ll find numerous diners vying to be seated al fresco during the perfect sunny day. However, we understand that, inevitably, […]

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Pool Enclosure Warranty- Not all are Made the Same

At Covers in Play, we’ve noticed after powerful storms or heavy snow fall a number of new customers contact us. Apparently, many homeowners end up with collapsed pool enclosures because of poor enclosure design. Their enclosures only lasted for a few months or just a few years, and when the high winds or winter weather […]

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