Pool Enclosure Warranty- Not all are Made the Same

At Covers in Play, we’ve noticed after powerful storms or heavy snow fall a number of new customers contact us. Apparently, many homeowners end up with collapsed pool enclosures because of poor enclosure design. Their enclosures only lasted for a few months or just a few years, and when the high winds or winter weather comes, they start to fail.

Alukov IPC- Collapsed Pool Enclosure

One of the primary functions of a pool enclosure is to protect your pool and deck from the elements. The structure should allow you to enjoy your swimming pool year-round—whether it is sunny, rainy, windy, or snowing outside.  It is supposed to be robust enough to withstand the local weather conditions in your area.

However, you must know that all pool enclosures are not made the same. Here we will discuss the crucial factors you need to consider when looking for an enclosure that will stand the test of time.  By ensuring that the structure can take heavy rain, snow, and wind, you can get the best value for your money.

Collapsed Aquacomet Pool Enclosure

The Importance of Evaluating the Warranty

Many homeowners make the mistake of ignoring the terms and conditions of their pool enclosure’s warranty. Keep in mind that the coverage of a warranty also determines the overall quality of the product. If you see that it only offers limited coverage for a short period, then you’re likely looking at an obvious red flag. It is possible that the manufacturer has received various complaints about collapsed pool enclosures, prompting them to create heavy limitations for their warranty.

We’ve had customers who reported that their pool enclosure from another manufacturer only lasted a little over a year. The structure tends to collapse and break apart under merely few inches of snow. Let’s face it. Pool enclosures are an expensive investments. So, when yours break apart, you would naturally hope that the damages are covered by the warranty.

Now, let’s look at the actual warranties offered by other manufacturers:

Alukov IPC- Warranty Pool Enclosure1

Aquacomet- Warranty Pool Enclosure1


Alukov IPC- Warranty Pool Enclosure2

Let’s discuss the limitations of these warrantes:

“The warranty does not cover damage caused by external factors, e.g. natural phenomena (layer of snow thicker than 10 cm, hailstones larger than 2 cm in diameter, wind at a speed exceeding 100 km/h) or mechanical damage caused by a third party.”

It is important to note that in many areas in Northern USA and Canada, the snowfall in a day can easily be more than 10 cm or 4 inches of snow in winter.  Needless to say, it should not be considered as a natural hazard for pool enclosures. The sample warranty we shared illustrates that anything exceeding their prescribed amount of snow (10 cm) can be considered dangerous. The warranty is void when the damage is caused by the following:

“Exceeding prescribed snow or wind loads and any other harmful condition other than recognized as normal conditions.”

Alukov IPC- Warranty Pool Enclosure3



Aquashield- Warranty Pool Enclosure2

So, if the structure is not able to carry the load of 10 cm or 4 inches of snow, how can you expect it to withstand the normal weather conditions?  The warranty even mentioned that the user can attach supporting poles. Moreover, they must remove all snow when it gets thicker than 4 in:

It is essential to note that the warranty says that it does cover damages caused by “negligent maintenance”.  Let’s take a look at another portion of the warranty:

Aquashield- Warranty Pool Enclosure1

Now, what kind of maintenance routine does this manufacturer require? Well, according to the warranty, the user must attach the cables during the winter months. Moreover, it is “mandatory” for owners to carry out the “scheduled cleans and the removal of excessive snow from the roof system and all areas.”

What will happen if you do not perform these required maintenance procedures? Here’s what the warranty says:

“Failure to follow these safety instructions can lead to damages, personal injury or cancellation of limited warranty.”

It’s sad to learn that the money you invested will go to waste, just because typical weather conditions in your area can damage your pool enclosure. Needless to say, it is crucial that you find an experienced contractor who has a reputation for supplying premium quality pool enclosures.

Covers in Play Pool Enclosures – Built for Tough Weather Conditions

Heavy snow on pool enclosure

While our pool enclosures are practical and beneficial, they are also a valuable investment that you can enjoy for many years. We know that no one wants to spend effort and money on structures that will only end up as collapsed pool enclosures within a year. It is worth noting that one of the pool enclosures we installed was able to withstand Hurricane Sandy. It was able to stand still even after exposure to 100 mph winds for over five hours. When the storm was over, all the enclosure needed was simple wheel adjustments.

Now, you may wonder what makes Covers in Play retractable pool enclosures strong and durable. Well, for one, this structure’s patented prestressed framing system consists of premium quality materials. We use extruded aluminum main frames and concealed stainless steel tie rods. It is worth noting that the steel rods pre-load the enclosure structurally. This design allows the system to withstand greater snow loads or wind loads.

Pool Enclosure with snow over roof

We ensure that we design the framing features of our enclosures using the latest engineering tools. Moreover, the patented system of Covers in Play retractable pool enclosures has been tested to exceed today’s standards. We are so confident with the structure’s framing system that we offer a 20-year warranty for it.

You can also expect the aluminum frame’s finish to resist color change, humidity, and gloss shifting. Its durability and efficiency meet the criteria of the AAMA (American Architectural Manufacturers Association) 2605 specification.

At Covers in Play, we customize the design and layout of pool enclosures, ensuring that we strictly follow the building code requirements. We construct them to withstand the highest snow load levels. Unlike other manufacturers, we do not require users to remove the snow to retain the warranty. Just by comparing our warranty coverage to what other manufacturers offer, you know that our pool enclosures are the strongest.

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