Pool Enclosures - Frequently Asked Questions

Just envision a sunroom or solarium on wheels, Just like a solarium or a sunroom, retractable pool enclosures provides a real indoor setting that feels as if you are outdoors. However, unlike solariums, indoor pools or swim spas, retractable pool enclosures will open up your backyard. You get the best of both worlds!

Typically, retractable swimming pool enclosures are used for swimming pools, spa pools and hot tubs. However, retractable enclosures can be used for more functions such as roofs (roof enclosure), indoor pool for hotels, restaurants (restaurant enclosures), covering patios or decks just like a sunroom or solarium. By connecting the pool enclosure to your home, you create easy direct access to your pool for the colder winter months.

Retractable pool and patio enclosures provide the benefit of extending the life and service life of your pool and accessories while reducing maintenance time and costs. A retractable enclosure will also do the following:

  • Extend your exercise and entertainment area for all four seasons
  • Provide exposure to the warmth of the sun without the harmful effects of UV rays
  • Provide protection from irritating bugs and insects or even animals similar to a screen pool enclosure but even better
  • And there are even more benefits more benefits !

Retractable enclosures also know as telescopic pool enclosures are composed of individual bays, which are telescopic so they retract, one inside the other. Each bay has it's own wheels which are mounted on a track system, guiding each section as it opens and closes. The enclosure can be opened fully or partially. An automated drive system handles the physical movement of the enclosure.

Yes! Even on cloudy days, the enclosure will trap solar energy. Just like sunrooms the enclosure can increase air temperature by 10-20°C/18-36°F when fully closed. If you have a heated pool or swim spa the heated water will also provide an additional source of heat. In most cases, the heat from the sun and the water will keep the enclosure at a comfortable temperature. In northern areas with more severe winters we can provide additional heat sources using our hydronic floor design and air handlers.

Yes! By connecting the enclosure to an existing house or building, Create direct access to your extended exercise and/or entertainment area. Even awkward architecture and elevations can usually be accommodated. No special attachments are usually required.

No. When completely closed, there are seals along the bottom and between the bays which will prevent dirt, leaves and other debris from collecting inside the enclosure. As such, enclosures installed over pools and spa pools will significantly reduce maintenance time and cost.

Our enclosures are built with an automated drive system. Simply push a button and the enclosure will open easily! A large enclosure will fully open within minutes.

Occasional cleaning is the only maintenance requirement. Simply use a garden house or pressure washer or a soft brush or cloth with mild dish soap.

All other manufactures require snow to be removed from their enclosure roof and are designed for warmer climates. However, COVERS in Play enclosures are designed with northern winters in mind and can be built to withstand the extremes of any snow load requirement. No removal is required.

An enclosure, unlike your home, is not a completely insulated environment. As such, when the internal temperature exceeds the external temperature, you may begin to see condensation form on the inside of the panels, particularly if the enclosure is covering a swimming pool or spa.

No action is required to address condensation as it will not do any harm to the enclosure. When condensation forms, the enclosure is specially designed to handle the excess moisture. The panels are designed at such an angle as to ensure water will run down and collect in the condensation gutters. The gutters are designed to collect and redirect water out of the enclosure. Seals are also installed between each bay of the enclosure and all enclosure parts are specifically chosen for their ability to withstand the environment Unlike conventional construction for an indoor pool in a house or hotel building, there is nothing in a COVERS in Play enclosure that will rust, rot, mould or corrode. It has been specifically designed and engineered for a swimming pool environment.

Should you wish to do so, condensation can be minimized or eliminated by one or more of the following options:

  • Using a pool blanket or an automatic pool cover with your pool
  • Venting the enclosure by opening doors, windows and/or the enclosure itself
  • Installing a dehumidifier

Yes, you can almost always put an enclosure over an existing inground swimming pool or patio creating outdoor pool enclosures when open and indoor pool enclosures when closed. Please contact us to discuss the details for your site.

The enclosure is designed to withstand winds exceeding 100 mph. No tie downs are necessary. However, it is recommended that the enclosure be fully closed in high wind situations.

An enclosure can be custom designed to almost any size.

Tracks for the enclosoure can be installed on top of an existing pool deck provided there is sufficient foundation to meet the local code requirements. If preferred or recommended that a groove or recess be created for the track so that it is recessed with the surrounding surface.

Enclosures require a relatively smooth and level surface on which to be installed. The surface must also be capable of supporting the weight of the enclosure. For more information about surface requirements, please contact uscontact us.

The enclosure is designed to meet local building codes in some municipalities the enclosure may be considered a temporary, removable structure, and a permit may not be necessary. You will need to contact your municipality to determine if a permit is needed. If required, COVERS in Play will assist you in providing any needed documentation or drawings.

This will depend primarily on the size of the enclosure. As a general guideline, it will take approximately 8-12 weeks once the permit is approved until your enclosure is installed and operational. The installation itself represents approximately 10 to 15 days of this time period depending on the model.

Enclosures can be installed at almost any time during the year.

Yes. you may be able to. The enclosure was specifically designed with a minimal number of components and is already partially assembled when delivered. With a basic understanding of construction and the required equipment, as few as two people can build an enclosure. We always recommend that one of our trained staff is on hand to provide assistance.

The cost of an enclosure will depend on many factors such as enclosure size and style, your location, and local code requirements. Please contact us and we would be happy to provide you with site specific detailed pricing.

If you have questions or require further information, please do not hesitate to contact uscontact us.

There are several factors which make COVERS in Play unique in the industry ...

  • Our automated drive system which eliminates the need to manually push the enclosure when opening or closing
  • Standard options such as sliding doors, and windows, number of bays, panels per bay, direction of operation, roof profiles and house connections
  • Innovative design

We also lead the industry with regard to ...

  • Customer service
  • Quality
  • Engineering expertise
  • Warranty
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