Automatic Pool Enclosures - Benefits

Covers in Play automatic pool enclosures allow the owners to use their pool area all year long, transforming the outdoor pool and deck area into an indoor environment. Keeping summer inside the pool enclosure fun and enjoyment while keeping the users protected from inclement weather, no matter how bad it gets. Whatever Mother Nature throws your way, Covers in Play has you covered. Neither harmful UV rays during the dog days of summer nor the cold arctic air in the middle of winter can get in and ruin your day.

Another benefit that is soon forgotten (and for good reason). Having a retractable pool enclosure reduces pool maintenance - no debris, leaves, sticks or dirt to remove, skimming or vacuuming. The pool area stays clean and neat, without the need for constant manual maintenance. That will be a distant memory of the past. More time spent enjoying the area and less time spent looking after it.

There are so many benefits with Covers in Play. Our automatic pool enclosures open with a push of a button to any position. They can be partially opened in early summer to let a little fresh air in or opened all the way on a beautiful summer day for the sun worshippers in the crowd. And no worries if a summer storm approaches. It quickly closes with a push of a button until the storm passes and then within minutes, can be opened up again with no effort to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine again. Whether as a retractable roof enclosure or as a complete building, the Covers in Play enclosure system can be opened or closed quickly and safely by the push of a button with the patented automated electric drive system.

The key benefits of the Covers in Play Automatic Pool Enclosure system are:

  • Open with a push of a button to enjoy the out doors
  • Protection from the harmful effects of UV rays
  • Protection from insects and bugs such as wasps or mosquitoes
  • Increase the inside temperature up to 30°C/86°F when closed
  • Protection from inclement weather conditions such as rain, wind, sleet or snow
  • Easy direct access when connected to your house
  • Use your swimming pool al year round, even when it is cold outside -30°C/ -22°F
  • Extended swimming pool and patio use from the sunny summer days to all year round
  • Increased pool temperature
  • Less time required to clean and maintain you pool
  • Fewer chemicals required
  • Reduced heating costs by trapping the heat when closed
  • Reduced water loss through evaporation
  • Protection of children and pets (when closed and locked)
  • No need to winterize and close your swimming pool

Enjoy life - inside and out!™

Frequently Asked Questions
  • What is a retractable pool enclosure?

    Just envision a sunroom or solarium on wheels, Just like a solarium or a sunroom, retractable pool enclosures provides a real indoor setting that feels as if you are outdoors. However, unlike solariums, indoor pools or swim spas, retractable pool enclosures will open up your backyard. You get the best of both worlds!

  • What are retractable pool enclosures used for?

    Typically, retractable swimming pool enclosures are used for swimming pools, spa pools and hot tubs. However, retractable enclosures can be used for more functions such as roofs (roof enclosure), indoor pool for hotels, restaurants (restaurant enclosures), covering patios or decks just like a sunroom or solarium. By connecting the pool enclosure to your home, you create easy direct access to your pool for the colder winter months.

  • What are the advantages of having a pool enclosure?

    Retractable pool and patio enclosures provide the benefit of extending the life and service life of your pool and accessories while reducing maintenance time and costs. A retractable enclosure will also do the following: Extend your exercise and entertainment area for all four seasons.
    Provide exposure to the warmth of the sun without the harmful effects of UV rays
    Provide protection from irritating bugs and insects or even animals similar to a screen pool enclosure but even better And there are even more benefits !

  • How do retractable pool enclosures work?

    Retractable enclosures also know as telescopic pool enclosures are composed of individual bays, which are telescopic so they retract, one inside the other. Each bay has it's own wheels which are mounted on a track system, guiding each section as it opens and closes. The enclosure can be opened fully or partially. An automated drive system handles the physical movement of the enclosure.

  • Can pool enclosures be used all year round?

    Yes! Even on cloudy days, the enclosure will trap solar energy. Just like sunrooms the enclosure can increase air temperature by 10-20°C/18-36°F when fully closed. If you have a heated pool or swim spa the heated water will also provide an additional source of heat. In most cases, the heat from the sun and the water will keep the enclosure at a comfortable temperature. In northern areas with more severe winters we can provide additional heat sources using our hydronic floor design and air handlers.

  • How do I open the retractable pool enclosure?

    Our enclosures are built with an automated drive system. Simply push a button and the enclosure will open easily! A large enclosure will fully open within minutes.

  • Can retractable pool enclosures go over an existing swimming pool or patio?

    Yes, you can almost always put an enclosure over an existing inground swimming pool or patio creating outdoor pool enclosures when open and indoor pool enclosures when closed. Please contact us to discuss the details for your site.

  • How long does it take to order and install an enclosure?

    This will depend primarily on the size of the enclosure. As a general guideline, it will take approximately 8-12 weeks once the permit is approved until your enclosure is installed and operational. The installation itself represents approximately 10 to 15 days of this time period depending on the model.

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