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Covers in Play designs and manufactures the most modern, state of the art architectural product of its kind, it is the only electrically operated, automatic, fully retractable system in the world that opens with a push of a button. Our swimming pool enclosures allow you to swim year round in your own swimming pool transforming your pool area into a summer oasis. Whatever the weather outside its always summer inside.

With our electrically operated pool enclosures they can be opened with a touch of a button allowing comfortable temperatures throughout the year near the pool. During the winter season our pool enclosures protect you from the elements. As the season warms up you can open it a crack to allow the fresh spring air in without compromising the internal temperature and enjoy the full sun. As the season changes to summer you can fully open our outdoor pool enclosures to soak up the heat of summer.

Framing System

Covers in Play framing system is assembled from custom extruded aluminum frames using our custom designed splice plate assembly that are unique to Covers in Play. Our pool enclosure kits require no hammering that would cause damage to the aluminum frames during assembly and construction. Allowing for clean un-interrupted assembly lines that are pleasing to the eye.

In conjunction with our custom splice plates the framing is prestressed with stainless steel tie rods allowing for greater wind and snow loads. In fact our pool enclosure kits are like a big Lego or Meccano set, easy to assembly.

With our patented framing system allows for larger clear end walls and vision areas with slender support design allowing you to take advantage of the sun while protecting you from the harmful UV rays. So the entire pool dome or glass pool enclosures are light enough for fluid retraction movement and still the required strength for the most stringent of load requirements for local Building Code compliance.

Lightweight structural aluminum extrusions, clear acrylic end and side wall panels and polycarbonate roof panels that are fabricated into moveable bays dimensioned to slide under or over one other.

All of our pool domes or swimming pool enclosures are specifically designed to allow for year round use of the area enclosed under the worst of all load conditions, ie. heavy snow and wind loads.

Architectural Quality Paint

Our aluminum framing is finished with a high architectural quality paint that comes in a range of colors. The paint finish has outstanding qualities that are resistance to chalking, color change, gloss shifting, humidity and chemical cleaning. Allow for years of use without compromising the look and feel of our swimming pool enclosures. In addition, our architectural paint meets or exceeds all criteria of the AAMA (American Architectural Manufacturers Association) 2605 specification

The superior engineering design of our pool enclosures allows COVERS in Play to offer a 20 year warranty on the structures.

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Retractable Swimming Pool Enclosures

Patios are usable outer spaces adjacent to residences or commercial units. You can enhance their functionality year round by installing retractable patio enclosures also know as Florida pool enclosures. Whether you are using the patios for a swimming pool, dining space or any other use, COVERS in Play pool enclosures enable you to enjoy the area anytime, despite bad weather.

Our retractable swimming pool enclosures can be completely or partially opened automatically with our motorized drive system which manages all the physical movement with a simple push of a button.

Any size or shape, consult our experts to find the most suitable solution for your property. Whether it’s your residence, event venue, patio, restaurant or any other area, COVERS in Play can build a retractable patio enclosure to meet all your needs.

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COVERS in Play provides complete installation consulting and services for pool domes and pool enclosures wherever they might be. COVERS in Play specialists ensure that installation is completed on time and on budget, whatever the Enclosure model.

This gallery represents the range of retractable patio enclosures that can be built based on the customers’ site requirements and preferences.

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