Pool Enclosures - Architectural Guidelines

COVERS in Play builds the world’s most modern, state of the art, automatic retractable enclosure systems, specifically for the extremes of our climate. The system is designed with the strength and durability required to withstand hurricane winds and the heaviest snowloads, while maintaining a graceful aesthetic architecture. Our enclosure systems have been specifically designed to allow for year round use of the area enclosed. COVERS in Play enclosures can be built over outdoor spaces for swimming pools, patios, restaurants, event venues and even rooftop areas if desired for commercial applications.

Retractable Pool Enclosure with Bifold doors Triple Peak Retractable Roof Enclosure

Fixed or Retractable Pool Enclosure and Retractable Roofs, Architectural Profiles

  • Single Peak retractable roofs, custom pool enclosures or patio enclosures are designed with a gable roof profile
  • Triple Peak enclosures are designed with a gambrel roof profile
  • Multi Peak enclosures have a modified bowstring roof profile
  • Any of the above roof profiles can be incorporated into Lean-to style retractable roofs, heated pool enclosures or patio enclosures installed against the side of a building
Retractable Pool Enclosure Fixed Pool Enclosure

Applications and Styles for Pool Enclosures

Lightweight aluminum extrusions, clear acrylic side wall vision panels and twinwall polycarbonate roof panels are fabricated with stainless steel hardware into a series of panels which form moveable bays. The bays are dimensioned to slide under one another, nesting together at one end of the enclosure. Or, they can be configured to open from the middle toward both ends if desired. The side walls and end walls can incorporate any number of windows and doors as may be desired. An enclosure can be built to attach to a building or made to be free standing, if desired. Lean to style as well. Fixed or operable. It can also be configured as an operable roof or skylite.

  • Free standing or attached to an existing or new building
  • Fixed structures or retractable pool enclosures or patio enclosures with telescoping bays
  • Can be retracted from the middle both ways or it can slide all in one direction to stack up at one end
  • Can retract into or over an existing or new building, if desired to be out of sight
  • Commercial pool enclosures can be designed for specific site requirements with a combination of fixed or retractable sections
Retractable Commercial Pool Enclosure Single Peak Pool Enclosure

Enclosure Structural Durability

The patented COVERS in Play retractable pool enclosure systems have been designed as a elegant, light weight, thermally efficient automatic retractable system, giving maximum uncluttered outdoor views of the exterior without trusses, webs, cross beams and additional supports for long spans. The result of this patented framing system is larger clear vision field and end walls with a slender design, that is light enough for flowing retraction movement and still give the required strength for the toughest of load requirements for any local Building Code.

  • Any wall height can be accommodated
  • Patented structural design, includes concealed stainless steel rods, preloading the pool enclosure structure to withstand any snow loads and wind loads in North America
  • Patented framing system allows up to 80” daylight openings between structural frame supports
  • No cross – bracing or other structural supports needed
  • Unique joint assembly - no hammering or forcing the framing system together
  • Architectural baked on paint finishes meets or exceed the AAMA (American Architectural Manufacturers Association) 2605 specification
Pool Enclosures Architectural designs
Automatic Drive System for Pool Enclosures or Retractable Roofs

Smooth quiet retraction movement is achieved with a patented electric retraction system. The maintenance free system operates with tracks installed flush with the deck, without risk of tripping hazard. The switching is designed for failsafe operation to prevent damage or injury should a pet, person or other object be in the track area when in operation.

  • Patented automatic drive system with reduction gear motors, typically up to 30 Amps, 220V Single-Phase
  • Line of site, push button controls with security and safety key requirement for operation
  • Automatic drive system for small or large applications for residential or commercial locations
  • For large retractable commercial applications dual control systems can be implemented
Restaurant Patio Enclosure Closed Restaurant Patio Enclosure Open
Structural Foundations and Building Interfaces Required

The system is specifically engineered, designed and manufactured for each project and site conditions. Structural foundations designed to meet local building code requirements are required for stability of the patented electric retraction system’s tracks ensuring the integrity and life of the system. COVERS in Play provides design load details, electrical and dimensional requirements.

  • Concrete slab finish FF 140 and FL 100
  • Drains required at the bottom of the drive motor pits, pulley pits and end of tracks
  • Typical 12” grade beam foundation with 12” Sono tube or foundation frost wall
  • Engineered structural steel building interfaces or subframing can also be accommodated
  • Structural steel supports when required are hot dipped galvanized and painted to match enclosure
Inside Commercial Pool Enclosure Lean-to Pool Enclosure
Doors and Windows

The system can include any number of man doors, sliding glass doors with flyscreens and horizontal sliding windows with flysecreens, positioned as per customer’s requirements.

  • Standard sliding doors with option of double sliding doors OXXO up to 16’
  • Full width bi-folding doors with continuous vertical seal
  • Hinged man doors for easy exit and entry
  • Any style of windows or skylites in any location in the structure can be accommodated
  • Automatic electric actuators can also be installed to open or close windows for residential or commercial pool enclosures
Fixed Commercial Swimming Pool Enclosure Commercial Pool Enclosure Doors
Enclosure Glazing

Patented aluminum extrusion assembly design streamlines structural dimensions so that a lean, clean look is achieved without the use of additional trusses and supports. There are no structural members left obscuring the openings when retracted. 100% open air above the area opened.

  • No cross-bracing in the framing provides wide unobstructed views
  • Standard 10mm twin wall polycarbonate panels for pool enclosure roof, up to 25mm also available
  • Standard clear acrylic wall panels
  • Options available include tinted and opaque thermoplastics, glass, insulated panels, etc..
Two storey Retractable Pool Enclosure End Wall Pool Enclosure
Retractable Pool Enclosure Features
  • All framing and components, stainless-steel fasteners, synthetic weather seals, baked on paint finish, etc., have been designed and selected for outdoor, exposed, humid environmental conditions. Nothing will rust corrode, mould or rot. No de-humidification is required for the structure.
  • Double weather seals at all interfaces between telescoping bays allow for year round use of the enclosure, even during peak winter conditions
  • Low profile track system designed for embedded installation eliminating trip hazards for traffic areas
  • Wtih Solar heat gain the heated pool enclosure allows for extended seasonal use of the area with minimal heating cost and with the installation of a heating system the area can be used year round
Automatic Pool Enclosure Retractable Pool Enclosures
Enclosure and Retractable Roofs Installation
  • The COVERS in Play patented framing system provides larger clear vision areas and end walls with slender support design, light enough for fluid retraction movement and still the required strength for the most stringent of load requirements for local Building Code compliance
  • Our custom pool enclosure systems have been explicity designed to be pre-manufactured at the factory so that fast simple assembly can be achieved at the installation site, usually within a week or so, depending on size and complexity of design.
  • Some components are partially assembled when delivered, while the framing and glazing materials are shipped knock down on securely wrapped skids for transport and short term storage
  • Assembly by local personnel overseen by on-site qualified COVERS in Play personnel
Lifting Roof Enclosure Bay during installation Retractable Pool Enclosure beside the river
Modular Concept for Larger Installations

The concept model illustrated here shows a square shaped building footprint. The COVERS in Play above ground pool enclosure system can be made in almost any configuration. Square or rectangular is optimum for manufacture and installation; however L-shaped, or other configurations can also be accommodated.

This modular concept illustrates 12 foot high side walls with triple peak roof profiles. 12 foot high elevated beams support central roof systems which can be opened and closed independently or simultaneously with both sides when operating. Number and sizes of modules can be designed according to client requirements and site conditions. Same with overall dimensions, overall heights, spacing of beams, spacing of columns, exterior windows and doors, etc..

This concept illustrates 50% of the area exposed to the outdoors when opened. The system can be designed to have as many operational bays as desired, meaning that a much larger percentage of open area is possible, if desired. Operational bays may move more to one end if desired. The system is entirely custom made and engineered for each installation, allowing for more imaginative concepts to be realized.

Pool Enclosures-Architectural concept model of Retractable Roof Enclosure Large Pool Enclosure
Retractable Clean Room Enclosures

COVERS in Play enclosures have been designed for use as environmental clean rooms to control the internal environment for sanitary climate control. Any size room can be built to accommodate manufacturing and assembly of sensitive equipment or machinery, pharmaceutical products or scientific research creating a localized environment where environmental pollutants such as airborne microbes, dust, chemical vapors and aerosol particles are to be eliminated. Clean food processing and packaging areas, medical or any other spaces where isolated environmental control is required can be created with bright, open, line of sight inspection areas, work stations and operational flexibility for the end users. When the clean room enclosure is closed positive air pressure can be maintained over long periods of time or indefinitely with HEPA or ULPA filtered air cleaned of any unwanted contaminants.

When required after the manufacture or assembly of medical, aerospace or other large sensitive equipment or processes, the industrial clean room enclosure can be opened completely with the bays moving apart to allow the removal and/or replacement with overhead cranes or other equipment depending on the application. Fast and easy removal of waste, cleanup and switch-out and re-tooling can greatly enhance the clean room efficiency, overall costs and experience for the operator/owner of the clean room.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Can Covers in Play do custom projects for my restaurants or outdoor pools?

    Yes, all Covers in Play enclosures are custom designed to the client’s requirements. Our engineering expertise in custom structures using our patented framing system allows us to design one of a kind enclosure system.

  • What is the maintenance required for your enclosure system?

    Generally, there is no maintenance required only the occasional cleaning may be required simply with a garden hose or pressure washer. You can also use a very soft brush with mild dish soap if necessary.

  • What should I consider when budgeting for an enclosure?

    There are several factors into the cost of an enclosure including; size and style, location and local code requirements. Please contact a representative to provide you with detailed pricing.

  • Does Covers in Play have certified installers?

    Our enclosures are designed with our patented framing system for ease of assembly similar to a meccano set you may have played with as a kid. Allowing for general contractors to easily assembly the enclosure with the assistance of our onsite technician. Installation can also be done with our virtual technical support if required.

  • How does your enclosure system handle humidity for indoor pools?

    A pool enclosure from Covers in Play, unlike your home, hotel or conventional pool buildings, is not made from materials that are susceptible to moisture. The enclosure will not rot, mould or corrode and doesn’t require a dehumidifier to be operating at all times. Simple ventilation is all that is required.

  • How does your pool enclosure handle condensation for indoor pools?

    When condensation forms, the pool enclosure is specially designed to handle the excess moisture. The panels are designed at such an angle as to ensure water will run down and collect in the condensation gutters. The gutters are designed to collect and redirect water out of the enclosure. Double seals are also installed between each bay of the pool enclosure and all enclosure parts are specifically chosen for their ability to withstand the environment. Unlike conventional construction for an indoor pool in a house or hotel building, there is nothing in a COVERS in Play enclosure that will rust, rot, mould or corrode. It has been specifically designed and engineered for a swimming pool environment.

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