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with an enclosure designed by
COVERS in Play

  • Custom Designed
  • Innovative Technology
  • Engineered for Snow & Wind
  • Protection from the Elements
  • 20 Year Warranty
  • Effortless Operation
  • Year-Round Use
  • Energy Efficient

Bespoke Design

At Covers in Play, we design and manufacture custom enclosures that enhance and extend the usability of outdoor spaces such as pools, hot tubs, swim spas or patios.

Our extensive design and engineering experience ensures exceptional quality for projects with a broad range of complexities, both residential and commercial. Our team works closely with you to design an enclosure that meets the specifications unique to your project, thus providing optimal functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Many customizable elements are available to you during the design process such as structure style and roof profile, as well as size, colors and glazing material. Additionally, you will have exclusive access to Cover in Play’s patented drive system which allows the enclosure to open and close with the push of a button.

Experience the advantages of innovation, quality, and design with a custom enclosure by Covers in Play.

Types of Patio & Pool Enclosures

Patio and pool enclosures offer a range of options to enhance outdoor living spaces, from discreet low-profile designs to versatile retractable structures, providing year-round comfort and protection while maximizing outdoor enjoyment and convenience.

Structure Styles

Enclosure stand alone, independent of any other structure.
Advantage: Offers versatility in location and fewer design limitations.
Enclosure is attached to an existing structure but is independently supported.
Advantage: Integrates with the existing structure and allows for seamless integration of both spaces. Enclosure can be moved/separated from the existing structure.
Enclosure is attached to another structure along the roof peak. Enclosure depends on the support of the other structure
Advantage: Integrates with existing structures or architectural features. Offers the ability to extend living spaces.
Enclosure is built on existing walls.
Advantage: Provides light and visibility not achievable with a traditional roof.

Roof Profiles

Single Peak
Similar to a traditional roof profile with a single peak. Often referred to as a gable roof.
Advantage: Simple and clean, compliments existing structures with gable profiles.
Triple Peak
Similar to a single peak roof with two additional peaks, one on either side.Often referred to as a gambrel roof.
Advantage: Provides additional structural strength for larger enclosures,also allows for increased ceiling height
Multi Peak
Similar to a triple peak with three or more additional peaks on each side. Modified version of a bowstring roof.
Advantage: Provides the greatest structural strength for larger enclosures, also allows for extra wall height

Operation Options

Automated Retractable
Enjoy Covers in Play's patented drive system that opens and closes the enclosure with the push of a button. Retractable enclosures are constructed with bays that retract inside one another; each bay is installed with wheels that operate on a track system.
Advantage: No manual pushing required. Flexible usage as an indoor or outdoor space.
Manual Retractable
Retractable enclosures are constructed with bays that retract inside one another; each bay is installed with wheels that operate on a track system. Enclosure must be pushed open and closed.
Advantage: This is a more cost- effective solution than an automated retractable enclosure but still provides flexibility to use as an indoor or outdoor space.
These are permanently fixed structures that do not move and provide an environment that is similar to that of a sunroom. Doors and windows can still be added to access the outdoors.
Advantage: A cost-effective solution when you are looking for an indoor space with an outdoor view.

What Our Customers Say

Patented Automated Drive System

Covers in Play offers a patented, motorized drive system that is unique in the industry.

Automated drive systems are designed for retractable enclosures with telescopic bays that nest, one inside the other. Mounted on wheels, each bay glides smoothly and quietly on a low profile track system.

  • Effortless operation

  • Engineered with security features for safe operation

  • Low profile track system

  • Innovative design with 20 years proven reliability

Experience the ease of opening and closing your enclosure with the push of a button! Watch the video to see it in action!

See our Design page for further details

Patented Framing System

Covers in Play enclosures boast a patented framing system crafted from extruded aluminum frames that are engineered to withstand formidable wind and snow loads. These frames are designed to provide expansive, unobstructive views without the need for trusses or cross members.

To further enhance the durability and aesthetic appeal of our enclosures, the aluminum frame undergoes a meticulous finishing process. Available in a diverse range of colors, the high quality architectural paint adds to the visual allure and offers exceptional resistance to moisture, color change, chalking, high shine shift, and chemical cleaning. In fact, our finish exceeds all AAMA (American Architectural Manufacturers Association) 2604 specifications, ensuring long-lasting performance and visual appeal.

See our Design page for further details.

Enclosure Glazing Materials

Further enhance the design of your enclosure with glazing options that provide the clarity of an outdoor view while offering light-filtering privacy where needed.

  • Tempered and Laminated Glass

    Offering panoramic views, glass enclosures create a stunning visual impact, allowing natural light while protecting you from the elements.

  • Acrylic

    Offers the same panoramic views as glass, with enhanced durability and affordability

  • Polycarbonate

    The toughest option for enclosure panels offering a greater degree of privacy and heat retention

Enclosure glazing options are carefully selected to balance durability, heat retention, and affordability while providing protection from the elements, including UV. Typically, polycarbonate panels are utilized for the roof, ensuring the greatest durability and heat retention. Acrylic panels are typically the preferred choice for walls, offering similar panoramic views to glass but with greater durability and affordability.

See our Design page for more details

Fenestration Options
(Doors and Windows)

Our fenestration options ensure the ultimate flexibility with regard to ventilation, ease of access, and aesthetic appeal. The types of windows and doors listed below can be customized to ensure the size, number and placement are ideally suited to site-specific requirements, as well as individual preferences.

Rear view of pool enclosure with bi-fold doors open at a family backyard in Trent, NJ
  • Swing Doors
    Sometimes called a 'man' door, swing doors operate on hinges and therefore require clearance when opening. Swing doors can be customized to open inside or outside, with a left or right swing
  • Sliding Doors
    Set within a wider frame, sliding doors can be configured to open from the left or from the right. They provide a seamless connection between indoor and outdoor spaces, without the clearance needed for swing doors.
  • Bi-Fold Doors
    Featuring door panels that fold in sections, bi-fold doors provide the greatest flexibility for increased ventilation and access, and the most seamless integration between indoor and outdoor spaces.
  • Sliding Windows
    In addition to doors, sliding windows can also be incorporated in order to maximize ventilation options.

Project Portfolios

Sharon, ON

Type: Attached Operable Triple Peak

Size: 35 ft wide x 55 ft long

  • Automatic electric drive system
  • 2 sliding doors with flyscreens
  • Radiant in-floor and space heating systems
  • 3 bays, with 2 moving away from a house attachment and resting under the third fixed bay.
  • Direct house attachment
overview image
Vaughan, ON

Type: Attached Operable Triple Peak Retractable

Size: 42 ft wide x 54 ft long

  • 3 bays, with 2 moving away from a 7 ft fixed end wall
  • Automatic electric drive system
  • 5 sliding doors with flyscreens
  • Radiant in-floor and space heating systems
  • Direct house attachment
overview image
Edgewood, WA

Type: Freestanding Single Peak

Size: 28 ft x 50 ft

  • 2 operable bays sliding off the pool deck
  • Extended tracks for bays to rest on the lawn
  • Bifolding doors (12 ft) and 2 sets of sliding doors/windows with flyscreens
overview image
Austin, TX

Type: Attached Operable Triple Peak

Size: 32 ft wide x 55 ft long x 18 ft clear HT

  • 3 bays, designed for swimming pool volleyball
  • Automatic electric drive system
  • 5 sliding doors with flyscreens
  • 6 sliding doors with flyscreens, 1 automatic venting exhaust window
overview image
Charlotte, NC

Type: Freestanding Operable Triple Peak

Size: 30 ft x 40 ft

  • 4 bays, with 2 middle bays moving apart over the fixed end bays
  • 2 sliding doors with flyscreens
overview image
Deschutes, OR

Type: Freestanding Operable Single Peak Telescopic

Size: 32 ft x 56 ft

  • 4 bays, with middle bays sliding apart under end bays
  • 3 sliding doors
overview image
Trenton, NJ

Type: Attached Operable Single Peak

Size: 18 ft x 28 ft

  • 3 bays moving towards the building
  • Bifolds in the movable end bay
  • 1 sliding door and window with flyscreens
  • Automatic electric drive system
overview image
Mesa, AZ

Type: Freestanding Operable Single Peak

Size: 24 ft wide x 44 ft long

  • 4 bays, with 2 sliding away from the middle
  • 7 windows with flyscreens, and an additional 40-inch wide man door
  • 12 ft OXXO sliding doors, 6 ft standard sliding doors

Frequently Asked Questions

It is increasingly common for homeowners and businesses to create outdoor spaces that provide the same comforts and amenities as those we find indoors. However, use of outdoor spaces is largely dictated by favourable weather.

Pool Enclosures serve to enhance and extend the opportunities we have to enjoy outdoor spaces by creating an indoor environment which provides protection from the elements, while maintaining a largely unobstructed view of the outdoors. While fixed enclosures are designed to be stationary, retractable enclosures are designed to be movable, allowing for usage as either an indoor or an outdoor space. Enclosures can also be built as an alternative to a traditional roof.

Pool Enclosure can be designed for either residential or commercial purposes. They are typically used to cover pools, spas, and patios, or as an alternative to a traditional roof. Given our extensive engineering expertise, Covers in Play enclosures can also be custom designed for almost any purpose such as tennis courts, industrial clean rooms, greenhouses, etc.

Primarily, enclosures extend and enhance the use of outdoor spaces so they can be enjoyed through every season, regardless of the weather.

Additional advantages are extensive, see our Benefits page for more details!

Retractable enclosures are composed of individual bays which telescopically retract, one inside the other. Each bay has its own wheels and the wheels are mounted on a track system, guiding each section as it opens and closes. The enclosure can be opened fully or partially and can be operated manually or automatically. An automated retractable enclosure opens and closes with the push of a button using Covers in Play’s patented drive system.

Yes! Even on cloudy days, the Pool Enclosure will trap solar energy. Just like sunrooms, solar energy can increase air temperature by 10-20°C/18-36°F while fully closed. If you have a heated pool or swim spa, the heated water can provide an additional source of heat as well. In most cases, the heat from the sun and the water will keep the enclosure at a comfortable temperature. However, in northern areas with more severe winters, an additional heat source is recommended.

Covers in Play enclosures are built with a patented automated drive system. Simply push a button and the Pool Enclosure easily opens or closes! Enclosures can also be designed without the automated drive system, therefore requiring them to be pushed open and closed manually.

Yes, you can almost always put an enclosure over an existing swimming pool or patio. However, modifications may be required to the site depending on the location and design of the desired enclosure. Please contact us to discuss the requirements for your specific site!

There are many variables that can influence the time needed to design, manufacture, and install a Pool Enclosure. With regard to the design process, it is largely dependent on the size and complexity of the project as well as the time needed to obtain any necessary permits. Following permit approval, it will generally take approximately 8-12 weeks, which includes 10-15 days for installation.

Covers in Play enclosures are designed with a patented framing system which ensures significant structural strength while also allowing for simplicity of construction and maintenance. As such, it is only necessary for Covers in Play to provide a supervisor for the duration of the installation, the cost of which is included in the price of the enclosure. Clients are asked to provide the needed general contractors, typically a minimum of 5 including 2 skilled contractors and 3 general contractors.

Yes! Covers in Play enclosures have many custom options, including the colour of the frame and the type of the glazing. Common frame colours include white, black and taupe but additional colour options are also available. Please contact us for more details!

Yes! Enclosures can be connected to an existing house or building so that it provides an extension of indoor spaces. Our engineering expertise is invaluable for accommodating unique architectural elements.

There are several factors which make COVERS in Play unique in the industry

Our automated drive system which eliminates the need to manually push the enclosure when opening or closing

Standard options such as sliding doors, and windows, number of bays, panels per bay, direction of operation, roof profiles and house connections

Innovative and patented frame design

We also lead the industry with regard to ..Customer service Quality

Occasional cleaning is the only maintenance requirement. Simply use a garden hose or pressure washer. A soft brush or cloth with some mild soap can also be used, if needed.

Unlike other manufacturers, Covers in Play enclosures are specifically designed to withstand the snow loads of northern winters. No removal is required.

The enclosure is designed to withstand winds exceeding 100 mph. No tie downs are necessary. However, it is recommended that the enclosure be fully closed in high wind situations.

An enclosure can be custom designed to almost any size.

Enclosures require a relatively smooth and level surface on which to be installed. The surface must also be capable of supporting the weight of the enclosure. For more information about surface requirements, please contact us.

Not at all! Typically, we only require accurate site measurements and photos.

While enclosures are designed to meet local building codes, you will need to contact your municipality to determine if a permit is required. Some municipalities may consider the enclosure to be a temporary, removable structure, in which case a permit may not be necessary. If a permit is required, COVERS in Play will assist you in providing any needed documentation or drawings.

Enclosures can be installed almost any time of the year.

Covers in Play enclosures were designed with a patented frame system which consists of minimal components, allowing for ease of installation and maintenance. As such, an enclosure can be built by general contractors with the assistance of a Covers in Play supervisor. The required number of contractors will depend on the size of the enclosure, but we generally recommend a team of five, including 2 people with experience in construction.

Enclosures are constructed with aluminum, acrylic, polycarbonate, and stainless steel components. All components are capable of withstanding high degrees of humidity so, unlike typical sunrooms, dehumidification is not required.

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