Cover in Play’s List of Unique Ways to use a Retractable Enclosure

Our retractable pool enclosures aren’t just for covering pools, the uses are endless! Here are some interesting uses for our enclosures you might not have thought of…

1. Restaurant Patios
Everyone loves dining outdoors in the summer, even at their favorite restaurant. But why not maximize the use of your restaurant patio. This way, customers can enjoy eating outside all year round. With a lean-to enclosure (attached to the side wall of your restaurant) you can serve your food inside and out all year long. And in the summer, when the weather is nice, simply push and button and open the enclosure to enjoy your outdoor space in the summer heat!

2. Green House Gardens
Why not extend your garden usage and grow your plants all year round? With a retractable enclosure, you can manage the temperature of your space, and protect your plants from pesky bugs and animals. Furthermore, with extra features such as tinted panels to protect from the sun, you can customize your space to allow you to grow any kind of plant you want!

3. Backyard Ponds
If you’ve got a backyard pond full of fish or other water animals, why not cover them up and watch them swim all season, no matter the weather! An enclosure also keeps away insects and animals, and reduces water evaporation from the sun.

4. Skylights
Yes, we do skylights too! Have a space in your house where you’d like some natural light, or maybe replace your old skylight! We can customize our panels to fit any space.

5. Hot Tubs
Even though hot tubs are hot enough to use during every season, an enclosure can offer protection from wind, rain, sun and provide privacy.

Spa Enclosure

No matter how you want to use your retractable pool enclosure, at Covers In Play, we’ve got you covered!

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