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Restaurant Patio Enclosures: 6 Top Benefits

Restaurant owners who plan to expand their outdoor space should look into restaurant patio enclosures. As the weather warms up, diners don’t want to miss the opportunity to enjoy their meals under the beautiful sun. You’ll find numerous diners vying to be seated al fresco during the perfect sunny day.

However, we understand that, inevitably, poor weather happens, which ruins the chance of using your outdoor space. That’s where restaurant enclosures come along, allowing diners to eat “outdoors” without the worry of bad weather ruining their experience.

Read on for the benefits of these enclosures!


Benefits of Restaurant Patio Enclosures

Restaurant patio enclosures can come in different shapes, sizes, designs, and materials, based on the restaurant owner’s preferences. Choose from screen to glass restaurant patio enclosures, those made of aluminum or steel, permanent or retractable features, and more!

When you have your screen or glass patio enclosure installed, you can reap numerous benefits, like:


Restaurant Patio Enclosures Extend the Patio Season

During pleasant weather, everyone desires to dine outdoors. But once the clouds start to look gloomier or the wind picks up, everyone starts to pack up. They want to move inside for shelter!

These enclosures offer diners and restaurant owners flexible protection from inclement weather. That way, you can utilize the outdoor dining space all year long. 


Get a Lot (or Little) Weather Protection as Needed

When you invest in retractable restaurant patio enclosures, you can control how you use them. Leave the enclosure fully open during great days or fully closed during poor weather. Even leave your enclosure somewhere between during hot days to protect your customers but bring in warmth or natural air.

You can even install heaters or an air conditioner in the patio enclosure! As a result, your customers will enjoy their meals during extremely hot or cold days!

If you choose glass restaurant patio enclosures, you won’t risk obstructing the view or confining the space. Your customers will feel outdoors but won’t have to think about rain or heavy winds. Plus, you can find enclosures made with panels that can protect diners from the sun’s harmful UV rays without obstructing the natural light!

Your customers experience a better and safer ambiance from better air ventilation to unobstructed views. It’s especially important amid the COVID-19 pandemic, where experts advise people to dine outdoors for better and more open ventilation.


Restaurant Patio Enclosures Improve Customer Experience

Restaurant patio enclosures can help improve your customer experience. The customers can enjoy fresh air, feeling closer to nature as they feast on delicious meals!

Since these enclosures offer versatility, customers get to choose whether they want to dine indoors, outdoors, or in the enclosed patio space for beautiful outdoor views, rain, snow, or shine. Since customers are protected from the inclement weather without sacrificing the outdoor appeal, they will love your place. Furthermore, they will want to come back rather than try other competitors!


Improved Curb Appeal

Restaurant patio enclosures won’t only expand the seating area but also enhance your restaurant’s curb appeal. The restaurant will feel even cozier and more welcoming, attracting more people to visit and see what you have to offer.

Furthermore, you can customize restaurant patio enclosures according to your restaurant’s branding, overall design, and individual preferences. Choose colors and logos going with your brand name, seamlessly matching the entire restaurant. That way, your place looks all the more attractive, with curious potential customers coming in all day long.

Plus, an aesthetic space will result in more word-of-mouth and organic social media marketing! Nowadays, customers want to find the more “Instagrammable” places to dine in, and with a beautifully designed enclosure, they will more likely go to your restaurant for a delicious meal. When customers have a great experience, they’ll snap a photo of your food and space to post online and tell their network about it, thus increasing your customer base and revenue.

Here at Covers In Play, our pool enclosures are similar to restaurant patio enclosures, and we can customize them for your business. The enclosures come in many different styles, and you can add useful features to make your enclosure and space stronger, more attractive, and more valuable.


Expanded Seating and Usable Space

When you have a restaurant patio enclosure, you get to accommodate a lot more customers with the additional seating space, even during harsh weather. Not only does this help with the business, but your customers will love that they can choose to have a memorable outdoor dining experience. As a result, customers will remember your restaurant, wanting to come back for the ambiance.

If you plan on having a business expansion but have a tight budget, then restaurant patio enclosures are worth the price. While they can be a bit expensive depending on the configuration, they pay off quickly and are much more affordable than creating new branches, paying for new structures, and the likes.


Restaurant Patio Enclosures Increase Restaurant Revenue

It becomes a steady income generator when you have a comfortable outdoor space to use all year long without weather being an issue. Restaurant patio enclosures stop your outdoor space from closing or causing booking trouble, so you get a satisfactory return of investment over time.

You won’t have to deal with booking changes or last-minute staffing when your outdoor space suddenly becomes unusable. That way, you can bring in more customers simultaneously, have more consistent bookings, and your employees stay happy. And of course, you, as a restaurant owner, remain delighted as you gain income and experience satisfied customers!


Wrapping It Up

Restaurant patio enclosures, especially retractable ones, offer so much more flexibility and versatility for numerous businesses. You can experience many benefits, which will pay off with better customer service, expanded seating, and more.

If you believe that restaurant patio enclosures are a good fit, then contact us now at Covers In Play Learn about our solutions and how we can help build the restaurant of your dreams!

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  1. It made sense to me when you said that your restaurant’s curb appeal could be improved when you have a patio enclosure installed. This is a good tip for business owners and even for me as a homeowner. I am actually looking for a way to use our patio’s screen enclosure again after it got damaged due to a hurricane. For sure I want to enjoy the outdoor space again.

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