Timeline for Building a Fiberglass Pool

So, you’re thinking of having a pool built for your home. Wise choice, because a pool won’t only increase the value of your home. It will serve as a space where you and your entire family can enjoy, making a ton of memories along the way. But as you research fiberglass pool installation, you might be wondering, “how long does it take to build a pool?” Or more exactly, what about the timeline for building a fiberglass pool?

What’s great about fiberglass pools is how they are considered sound structures. They are built to last for the long run compared to other materials. So, how long will it take?

Read on as we share a timeline for building a fiberglass pool!


A Timeline for Building a Fiberglass Pool

How long does it take to build a pool? One of the major factors to consider is the type of pool you’d like installed.

In this case, you’re likely interested in installing a fiberglass pool. On average, it will take about 3-4 weeks to install a fiberglass pool, and that already includes the landscaping. However, it can take a bit longer than 4 weeks, as there are other things to look into, such as the pool size, access to your backyard for equipment, and scope for landscaping, among others.

While you can do a DIY fiberglass pool, this is only recommended for those who have the appropriate skills and equipment. Taking this route may take longer as well, compared to having professional contractors install a fiberglass pool.

Whether you’re doing a DIY fiberglass pool or hiring someone to do it, here’s a general timeline to refer to, as well as a quick run-through on how to install a fiberglass pool:


#1 Prepare the Site

Before fiberglass pools installation, your contractor will first need to prepare the site. They will start by creating a clear path for machinery and equipment to access the yard, so your fence posts and panels will need to be removed. Depending on what’s in your backyard, contractors will need to remove structures, air conditioners, and the like.

Note that there needs to be an access path measuring at least 6 feet wide to make way for excavation machinery. Your landscaping may be affected as contractors will have to remove trees, structures, or backyard items where you plan to have the fiberglass pool installed.


#2 Excavation

After preparing the pathway and site itself, the excavation to have your future fiberglass pool installed will begin.

For pools that require a retaining wall, contractors will install that first, taking 1-2 days of groundwork. Pool excavation itself will take about half a day for a small, flat-bottom pool. For larger, slope-bottom pools, it can take around two days. However, the time may lengthen depending on the weather and ground conditions.

If your contractor has easy access to larger machinery and can leave the excavated materials on site or nearby, the excavation time (and costs) for the above-ground pool installation process will be reduced.


#3 Delivery and Fiberglass Pool Installation

Once the hole for the pool is prepared, that’s when your contractor will have the pool placed. But before that, the elevations will be double-checked. If issues arise, the pool will be lifted out and the base adjusted for the pool the be reset successfully.

After the proper water levels are confirmed, that’s when back-filling and water-filling starts. The water pressure determines how long this process takes but on average, it can take 1-3 days to fill the pool. During this process, the pool fittings are installed, while the underground pipes and lighting conduit are run to the equipment pad.


#4 Plumbing and Equipment Installation

The delivery and plumbing of pool equipment take mere hours. However, the glue requires a few hours to cure before contractors can begin the equipment installation.

The electrical and gas connections are done either before or after the equipment has been plumbed in, which also takes a few hours.


#5 Pool Surrounding and Landscaping

Timeline for Building a Fiberglass Pool

Timeline for Building a Fiberglass Pool

And there you have it! The pool is now installed, and the contractor will turn over the project to the landscapers to fix the pool’s surroundings and landscaping. This part may have a varying timeline.

You can have various materials installed around the pool, like pavers, wood, stone, or concrete. You may also have a garden planted, fences installed, and even have structures like sheds, tiki bars, or outdoor kitchens built. All this can make the above-ground pool installation process longer.

Again, it will take approximately 3-4 weeks to have a fiberglass pool installed. But it’s best to check with your contractor for a more specific timeframe based on your specific needs and preferences. For instance, if you want to have solar pool covers for inground pools, then this can take extra time to install.

For simpler pool surroundings and landscaping, it will only take about 1-2 weeks. But if you’re looking for more elaborate details and installations, it may take a month or so, which you can discuss with your landscaper.

After that’s done, you can now enjoy your fiberglass pool with your loved ones, hosting the first barbecue and jumping into the cold waters for summer!


Wrapping It Up

We understand that, when installing a fiberglass pool, waiting is one of the difficult parts. You just want to jump into the pool and enjoy the waters already! However, it will be worth the wait. It’s better to avoid speeding up the process only to end up with a poorly built pool.

Fortunately, with fiberglass installation, it can take as little as three weeks to complete. That’s compared to others that can take months. So, if you are interested in fiberglass pools installation, make sure you find the best contractor to do it. We hope you learned a lot about how to install a fiberglass pool and how long it takes to do so!

Consider having solar pool covers for inground pools installed as well for further comfort. Contact us to learn more about our pool cover products!

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