solar pool cover maintenance

Solar Pool Cover Maintenance & Care

Solar pool covers are an environment-friendly and efficient way to protect and warm your pool, saving you money in the long run. However, you can only reap the advantages of a solar pool cover if you care for it properly.

This guide will show you the effective tips on solar pool cover maintenance and care. Read on!


Solar Pool Cover Maintenance and Care

Solar pool cover maintenance and care doesn’t have to be so difficult. Here are ways to keep your solar pool cover in top shape to benefit your pool.


Protecting a Solar Pool Cover

solar pool cover maintenance

Whether your pool cover is folded or rolled, you need to protect it from direct sunlight and high temperatures. Any plastic material naturally deteriorates under direct sunlight exposure, but with added UV stabilizers, the deterioration process slows down.

Swimming pools are a harsh environment for plastic products, with the sunlight, chlorine, and heat taking their toll only your solar pool cover’s UV stabilizing system. If exposed to such elements excessively, the UV stabilizing system will experience accelerated usage, reducing the lifespan. Because of that, you must use the over-cover provided with the solar pool cover during the times it isn’t on the pool.

Furthermore, the same sunlight your pool cover uses for heating can cause damage if exposed to high heat. Make sure you store your solar pool cover when temperatures rise above 115F (45 degrees Celsius), or it may cause irreparable damage. Such high temperatures can cause the cover’s layers to fuse together when stored.

To prevent your solar pool cover from getting damaged by chlorine, avoid using too much of it in the pool, ensuring that your pool has proper pH and alkalinity levels. Also, do not place chlorine products directly on the pool cover.


Clean and Store a Solar Pool Cover

solar pool cover maintenance

Cleaning a solar pool cover is a simple process that only requires clean cold water and a soft brush. You can also use a chemically-safe cleaner during this process. Whenever you’re about to store your solar pool blanket, make sure you hose all the chlorine off using cold water, brushing any dirt, mildew, or algae.

You can clean and deodorize your pool cover while it’s still on the pool or lay it on the lawn, preferably on a slope for water to easily slide out. If you find leaves and debris on your cover, the wind would usually blow them away but if not, you can scoop up the dirt or use a dustpan and brush to take them away. Alternatively, you can hose the dirt towards the skimmer box after switching your pool pump on.

Cleaning your solar pool cover regularly prevents chlorine concentration, which damages your cover’s lifespan. Algae or mildew can also build up on the cover, and while these aren’t damaging substances, they can affect the cover’s performance and appearance. Lightly scrub away any substances using a soft brush or rag, then allow your cover to dry before storing it.  

When you’re ready to store the solar pool cover, keep it in a dark and cool area, away from any sources of heat or wet areas. We recommend keeping it in a shed or garage so the material won’t become brittle and flake or peel away.


Remove and Replace a Solar Pool Cover

Solar Pool Cover Maintenance and Care

Just like cleaning, removing and replacing solar pool covers is a simple procedure, especially if you use a pool cover roller.

When removing the solar pool cover, make sure that you also protect it with a special UV resistant sun cover made for your solar pool cover. This protects your cover from the damaging sun. Regardless of how short or long you plan to leave your solar pool cover, you must always use its special cover.

Replacing the solar pool cover is similar to removing it, as you can unroll your blanket back to the swimming pool.

If you don’t have a pool cover roller, do fold the solar pool blanket using the concertina way and in one-meter lengths for easier storage. Even with this method, use the sun cover over your solar pool cover.

That said, we recommend investing in a pool cover reel to make it easier to place and remove the cover from the pool. You can also get an automatic reel, which lessens the effort on your end.


How to Make Solar Pool Covers Last

Here are extra tips on how you can keep your solar pool cover performing at its best for longer periods:


  • For those still choosing a solar pool cover, get one designed with bubbles, which absorb sunlight better, sending it to the pool. Also, it’s best to use a transmissive solar pool cover, which is easier to clean compared to darker and heavier covers.
  • If you have no sun cover for your solar pool cover yet, we highly recommend investing in one now.
  • Maintain chlorine levels of 3 parts per million, nothing more than that. If the level is over that, then remove the cover immediately to prevent it from damaging. When super chlorinating your pool, take the pool cover off until the pH balance of the water has settled, which is usually a few hours.
  • Never leave your solar pool cover on the pool water during winter.
  • If you remove the pool cover, don’t leave it on the ground, as this would have the cover accumulate dust and debris.
  • Run your pool pump and filter during the hottest times of the day so the chlorine will spread better throughout the pool, preventing it from building up under your solar pool cover. Doing so won’t only extend your cover’s lifespan but also have you get the best benefits from the solar pool cover.


Wrapping It Up

Hopefully, you learned more about solar pool cover maintenance and care from our tips and advice. Make sure you conduct regular maintenance for your pool cover to last and perform efficiently for years.

If you have any questions or want to avail a cover for your swimming pool, contact us now to avail our products and services.

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