Take the Cleaning out of Spring Cleaning

Reduce your spring cleaning list with a retractable pool enclosure
Spring is almost here! The weather is warmer, the sun is making a reappearance and every day brings us closer to summer, and summer means one thing: time to re-open the swimming pool.

But wait. Before the excitement that comes with relaxing by the pool on those hot summer days and pool parties on those long summer nights, you have got to open your pool. This means removing your winter durable pool cover, fishing out the leaves and debris, sometimes draining your pool and re-filling it and adjusting the Ph levels.
So much work to enjoy the benefits of a pool in the summer!

Swimming in Spring

Enjoy Spring Swimming

With Covers In Plays automatic retractable pool enclosure, none of this is necessary! Your pool is ready to enjoy whenever the weather is or not. Our sturdy panels mean no debris falling in your pool and the warm air inside your enclosure means your pool can be kept open year round. No opening and closing necessary! Plus, with our dual grade, built-in heating system, you can swim through the fall and winter, no matter the weather! But when you’re ready to enjoy the warm summer air, just push a button and your outdoor swimming pool awaits.

So why not start really enjoying your backyard pool without the hassles of opening, closing and cleaning every year. Covers In Play not only guarantees a year full of swimming but also fun year round!

Happy spring!

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