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Buying an Enclosure is very exciting. But, it’s also a big commitment and can be overwhelming. You want to make sure you’ve got everything right the type and size of the Enclosure, placement of the Enclosure, and so on. At Covers in Play, we can help with all of that! With custom computer models, drawings and a variety of materials and Enclosure types to choose from, we can help the process of completing your outdoor space. Here are two tips to help take the stress out of buying an Enclosure.

1. Do Your Research
When it comes to Enclosures, the options can seem endless. There are Enclosures of many styles, sizes and our Enclosures are customized to suit your needs. Purchasing a retractable Enclosure gives you the freedom to open and close your Enclosure for optimum use and flexibility. Our Enclosures are also built to withstand varying climates across North America to ensure that your Enclosure lasts through every season. Make sure to spend some time browsing your options, and checking out our gallery of previous customers Enclosures. You may also want to print out pictures of Enclosures you like. Start thinking about which shapes and sizes will suit your home and print them out as a visual reference for yourself. Research gives you a better idea of what you’re looking for and assures your satisfaction in the final results.

2. Examine Your Needs
Enclosures can vary from covered patio spaces for gardens or restaurants to covered pool areas for your backyard pool. You may want a lean-to Enclosure for direct access from your house to your Enclosure or a stand-alone Enclosure for a separate private space. Will you want the Enclosure heated in the winter? Should you install a retractable Enclosure so that you can open it in the summer? Take a close look at your particular needs for your Enclosure and use them going forward to decide on the Enclosure that’s best for you and your space.

As well as reflecting on what you want to use the pool for, evaluate your budget and space limits. What kind of Enclosure would maximize your space, while still fitting in with your budget? The more prepared you are, and more familiar you are with your own needs, the smoother the process will be, for your benefit and for ours!

Lean-To Enclosure

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