Swimming in Your Savings

Find out how much $$$ you can keep in your pockets with retractable pool enclosure

With a pool enclosure, you can save hundreds of dollars you would usually spend maintaining your pool each year. Here are some things you can save on when investing in a Covers In Play Pool Enclosure.
Pool heater maintenance
Water level maintenance
High-end filters
Pool covers

Beyond the basics, there is a wide range of aspects you can save on when covering your pool with an enclosure. Replacing things such as patio furniture, pool liners, and pool covers won’t be needed as often with the protection of a pool enclosure. All the costs of winterizing and re-opening your pool will be eliminated and less of your money will be put towards high-end filters and pool vacuums. With an endless list of savings, there is no doubt you’ll get your money’s worth when investing in a pool enclosure!

Enjoy the Outdoors

Enjoy the Outdoors

Here are some pool maintenance statistics of average reported costs worldwide…
Project Average Most spent between
weekly $177 $85- $278
monthly $190 $78- $302
Opening and closing $266 $185- $354

When it comes to value, Covers in Play’s retractable pool enclosure is extremely cost-effective. Our enclosures are a much more cost effective and functional alternative to building an indoor structure. It comes with all the same benefits, plus the ability to retract your enclosure when the weather permits, at a fraction of the price.

Our retractable pool enclosures make your pool a positive asset to your property. When adding an enclosure to your property, it has the potential to significantly increase your overall property value.

When considering whether to purchase a Covers in Play pool enclosure, consider the benefits you could gain with your investment!

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