Summer is Here, Well Almost!!

It’s the middle of April and we can sit around the pool and go for a swim outdoors as if it is the middle of Summer. The temperature is 72F or 20C outside, not hot by any stretch of the imagination but it’s the first time we can enjoy a warm breeze in our bathing suits for 2016.  Now if you live down south that is not a problem most of the time.  Only last week it was snowing and they are predicting snow later this week again, but that does not matter enjoy it while you can!


With a pool enclosure you can swim year round regardless of the weather no matter where you live in USA or  Canada.  You don’t even need to close the pool down.  It’s just like an indoor pool. However, with a retractable pool enclosure you can open it and enjoy the warm outdoor air regardless the time of year.  Even in April or if you are really lucky and you get a few warm days in March.  With the Covers in Play retractable pool enclosure you just need to push a button.  With Covers in Play patent drive system it opens without pushing or pulling.  Don’t need to get all worked up moving your Enclosure.


Of course the weatherman was right and it snowed a few days later just a bit, but nothing to write home about, more wet snow that didn’t stay.  However, that didn’t matter with the spring sun shining it warmed the enclosure right up to the point we had to open the windows to cool it off.  The only problem you think it is summer and get a quick reminder when you step outside.

2 thoughts on “Summer is Here, Well Almost!!

  1. Hi, Cip!

    Pool enclosure, did you mean a cover or like a roof build for the pool? In the photo inserted in this post, it seemed like you build a concrete covering. Is that a fiberglass?

    • James,

      The pool enclosure is made from aluminum, polycarbonate and acrylic panels. A foundation is required typically at the edge of the deck

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