Roof Enclosures

We frequently get asked how wide are your Enclosures and do you have retractable roofs. The answer to both these questions is what size do you need and yes we do. Our latest project in Utah is a retractable roof enclosure that is 63 feet wide that was designed to match the profile of the existing building. Using our patented framing and drive system our retractable roof enclosure opens with a push of a button, just like our regular enclosures, to enjoy the southern Utah air and admire the mountains.

Roof Enclosure

Lifting End Wall of Roof Enclosure in Place

This project allows Covers in Play to show our engineer expertise in design and build of large retractable enclosures for any building or location. Controlling your environment with the latest technology by retracting the roof allows you to be completely outside when the weather is nice, and when it’s not, no problem just push the button and you are back indoors.

This project required the use of a crane to lift the pre-assembled bays in place on the top of the walls. Due to the large span and height of the roof enclosure the bays were assembled beside the final roof enclosure location taking advantage of ground level and the necessary equipment.

End Wall of Enclosure Roof

End Wall in Place

With the very high winds in southern Utah our roof enclosure and the end bay in particular required extra attention. The large end wall span acts like a kite on those windy days and needed reinforcing inside our framing structure as well on the exterior. These exterior framing supports are in line with the vertical mullions and painted to match the color of the roof enclosure. So strength and beauty are maintained.

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  1. These are some awesome pictures that show what good roof enclosures can look like, and to think that it’s retractable makes it even crazier. I’ve been thinking about what kind of covers I could get, and this was a super interesting option. Thanks for sharing!

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