Pool Enclosures that open with a Push of a Button

Many clients first ask why is it important to be able to open the Pool Enclosure with just a push of a button. The simple answer is convenience and necessity.

Our Pool Enclosures are not very heavy. But to open or close quickly for a passing rain storm or in the evening to get away from the bugs you will find out very quickly how convenient it is.

If you are elderly, don’t have a lot of upper body strengthen or have a bad back, pushing a Pool Enclosure is out of the question. Or worry about slipping or falling while trying to close the Pool Enclosure quickly when it starts to rain. You understand that opening or closing the Pool Enclosure with a push of a button is a necessity.

You may think or have been told that you don’t need to move the Enclosure a lot. Just keep it open all summer and close it in autumn. You can do this, but then you are not getting the full benefit of the Pool Enclosure. No pool party goes well when it starts to rain or the bugs start to bite in the evening.

With our patented drive system just push the button and you can enjoy your pool regardless of the weather.
Pool Enclosure

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