Collapsible Enclosures: Even when you don’t want it to be!

Every storm brings in calls from across the country of failed Enclosures to Covers in Play. Some Enclosures fail within months, others last a year or two. Some fail from snow or ice. Others just blow away. Our enclosures have been manufactured so that clients can escape into a world of luxury and experience the best of both worlds, enjoying life inside and out. Our retractable design enables customers to swim year around, whether under a burden of sparkling snow or enjoying the sweet summer sun, our retractable pool enclosure ensures safety and pleasure and provides leisure and luxury at your fingertips.

When individuals purchase pool enclosures from others they may have a surprise of their life when they give way and crumple to the ground, when you least expect it, causing an abundance of chaos and disorder. It can be very hazardous if sharp pieces of metal come crashing down while you’re swimming. This type of incident is especially devastating when hard-work and copious amounts of money have been put into a project that may include a pool, landscaping and enclosure.Stouffville3
Covers in Play provides much more beneficial and practical (and may we mention, much more rewarding) enclosures at a sensible price. Why spend effort and money on a project to simply watch it collapse within a year, or months later? With a long warranty lasting up to twenty years, our enclosures ensure a rewarding and worthwhile endurance to the weather. Whatever the conditions, whatever the weather, Covers in Play is a company you can trust.

5 thoughts on “Collapsible Enclosures: Even when you don’t want it to be!

  1. Wow this looks like the European pool enclosure I bought from a local supplier. It also collapsed after our first winter. The initial contract warranty said I had to remove the snow. I refused to buy it with that clause in the warranty. So they removed it, but that did not help since the enclosure collapsed and they would not honour the warranty. Now I have a fight on my hand. My first clue should have been the warranty clause and the thin framing members. I wished I came across your company before I bought mine.

  2. I wanted tߋ thank you foг thіs goоd read!! I Ԁefinitely
    enjoyed every bit of it. Ι’ve got you bookmarked to check ß‹ut neԝ stuff you post…

  3. That doesn’t look like a very reliable enclosure especially looking at the pictures. I really think that you have to make sure that the enclosure is going to be safe so you don’t have an accident like this. Now I understand why Covers in Play Enclosures are built strong.

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