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The Advantages of Swimming Pool Enclosures

A swimming pool is truly an asset to any house! However, the weather can quickly turn your outdoor pool party into a rainy and cold mess! Further North, pool owners are further restricted by weather conditions; where they can only enjoy their pools and patios within the slim margins of summer.

As pool owners, we often find ourselves longing to expand our window of outdoor opportunity. Feeling bummed when you can’t go swimming? Tired of closing your pool for the winter? If so, you’d appreciate a solution that allows you to indulge in pool and patio season all year long, regardless of mother nature’s antics. This is where swimming pool enclosures come into play. Itching for an indoor-outdoor pool experience? Here are just a few benefits of swimming pool enclosures.

  1. They Can Help You Save Money

Keeping up with the maintenance of an outdoor swimming pool can be extremely costly. Choosing to invest in a swimming pool enclosure can significantly reduce long-term expenses such as the cost of heating your pool. Enclosures keep the cold out by trapping the sun’s heat, which helps to keep the pool water at a warm and consistent temperature. Therefore, there’s less need for constant heating and re-heating in order to sustain a reasonable temperature for swimming. Not to mention, you’ll see less evaporation, water depletion, and contamination, which means you’ll save on chemicals and other cleaning instruments too. 

  1. They’re Easier to Clean

One of the biggest challenges pool-owners face when it comes to maintaining their pools, is managing and cleaning all the debris that finds its way into your pool. From animals and insects, to branches and leaves. Enclosures allow pool-owners to spend significantly less time occupying themselves with the woes of scrubbing, skimming, sanitizing, and fishing for unwanted debris. Enclosing your swimming pool so that it remains protected from the elements also means that you won’t need to replace filters, pool covers, or even pool liners as often. 

  1. You’ll Use Fewer Chemical Irritants

Pool owners know that correct chemical balance is essential for a sanitary swimming pool, and a happy and healthy swimming experience. Adding any chemical to adjust or stabilize the pH in excess can result in skin and eye irritation for swimmers while not using enough can lead to green or cloudy water due to algal or bacterial accumulation. When you enclose your oasis, you reduce the amount of pathogens, phosphates, and pollutants that enter the swimming pool. Hence, it brings down the requirement for harsh chemicals as well.

  1. They Offer Fun All Year ‘Round

A pool enclosure means that your family members can enjoy the pool and patio regardless of the weather, and no matter the season! A pool or patio enclosure will make your home a central gathering place for all kinds of entertainment and poolside play. Our enclosures are tailor-made for each space to meet the unique preferences of each client for optimal indoor-outdoor enjoyment.

  1. A Space to Replace the Gym

Having access to your outdoor oasis all year round does more than do away with your winter blues- it’s also good for your health. Pools are for more than play- swimming is thought to be one of the best forms of exercise since it improves cardiovascular health, builds strength, and increases endurance, without all the impact on your bones and joints. An hour of swimming is just as effective as an hour of running! Pool enclosures make your fitness goals attainable regardless of whether the weather conditions or public pool times allow it- no need for a gym membership!

Swimming is also a great option for those with arthritis, injuries, disabilities, and other issues that make high-impact exercises difficult. In addition to fitness, swimming can also be used for therapy, and can be beneficial for those struggling with their mental or physical health, or healing sports-related injuries. Indoor-outdoor pool enclosures make swimming-centred solutions highly accessible, adaptable, and above all, enjoyable. Why not reap the infinite benefits of swimming from the comfort and convenience of your backyard?

  1. Aesthetically-Pleasing

Indoor-outdoor pool enclosures are more than functional, their visually stellar architecture will elevate your space. Our pool and patio enclosures feature custom configurations, colours and more. These elements are important to us since our enclosures typically serve as natural extensions of the home. We know first-hand the pride that pool owners and home owners have for their unique outdoor retreats. That’s why we’ve designed our enclosures with a minimal and modern appeal that blends seamlessly into any space. Our structures boast clean lines and sleek framework that enhances and never obstructs your oasis. We’re always looking out for the best and newest materials that are both durable and dazzling to guarantee flawless curb-appeal, all while making sure its features feel just as effortless. These spaces are thermally regulated, well ventilated, and provide the best humidity control. Did we mention they open with the touch of a button? Our team has brought together state-of-the-art design, innovative engineering, and personal pool-owner perspectives to ensure that every detail is as beautiful as it is practical. 

  1. Managing Pool Access Ensures Security

Enclosed pools, help to avert the accumulation of debris and water. However, it also makes sure that small children or animals don’t fall into the water so that they can play in the yard without any hazards. By installing a swimming pool enclosure, you can easily manage who or what enters your pool.

A swimming pool enclosure is the perfect investment for homeowners who want to maintain their pool and add to their savings. It is perfect for anyone looking to create a safe and relaxing space for recreation for family and friends to enjoy all through the year.  


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  1. It’s great that you talked about how pool enclosures help keep your space clean. Recently, my wife and I decided we’d like to install a swimming pool in our backyard. We want to know what else we could add to our pool’s design, so we’ll be sure to check your tips out! Thanks for the advice on pool enclosures and how they protect a pool from dirt and debris.

  2. Informative! Enclosures maintain the coldness by absorbing the sun’s heat and keeping the swimming water warm and steady.

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