A Testimonial from one of our clients- Automatic Pool Enclosures

” The adventure story of our first wanting to be able to use the new pool we were planning for more than 4 months a year, began on the internet. We made the choice to cover it, then we looked to see who made a cover with the most advantages.

One day when I arrived home from work my wife informs me, “I think I found a cover we will both approve of.” When I went to the web site she gave me it did not take long to see why Covers In Play had some real advantages.

1st. We could open the Covers In Play unit to enjoy the warmer seasons as you would with an uncovered pool. Plus as we found out one day our grandson had a birthday pool party on a Summer afternoon and we had the cover fully open. Sixteen 6-11 year olds were in the pool and the parents were sitting around the pool talking and snacking. Well a Summer storm rolled in, I just closed the cover up tight. When the thunderstorm hit, the pool party didn’t miss a beat. The parents were amazed, pouring down rain, wind blowing and all safe and secure inside.

2nd. As the weather started to cool at night we wondered what it would be like inside the pool Enclosure. Well during the day with the sun on the room, it warms up nicely inside helping cut the heat loss to a minimum. We also use a thermal cover that rolls up into the deck storage space at the end of the pool.

3rd. Being a techy type, when I was talking to the Covers In Play people I asked what wind loads was this designed to withstand? I Was told 100 + MPH winds. Well little did we know that we were going to be visited by “Sandy” in Late October. We got those 100 + MPH gusts and steady 85-90 MPH winds for over four hours. Worst hurricane I ever experienced here in SE Pennsylvania. Next morning on close inspection our middle moveable section had 3 of the jockey wheels that run on an extruded track got forced off the track. That was the sum total of the storm. Was all corrected in a couple hours by a local contractor that does work for Covers In Play. Our experience has been all positive with the Cover and we are very happy we chose an opening Cover, it really makes the pool really enjoyable in all seasons.”

JM Chalfont


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