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Why Install a Patio or Pool Enclosure?

Are you looking for a perfect outdoor space that you can use year-round for your family and friends? Why not think about adding a patio or pool enclosure?

You’re probably wondering – But these enclosures are so expensive, do the benefits outweigh the costs? Heck yes, they do! Here are the reasons you should install a patio or swimming pool enclosure!


Added Comfort in a Patio or Pool Enclosure

A patio enclosure or swimming pool enclosure doesn’t only amp up the design of your house. They are also made for everyone’s enjoyment and relaxation.

You get to relax in shady comfort, away from the harmful UV rays of the sun, harsh rain or winds, and even when it’s snowing! You stay warm and have fun in your space, feeling like you’re outdoors without the weather ruining your day (or your tan).

Besides that, our pool enclosures come in designs that cater to your individual style preferences and requirements, so you’re more inclined to enjoy the pool or outdoor area. That way, you and your loved ones can hang out comfortably and create new memories. Whether you want to enjoy the pool during snowy days or stargaze without worrying about rain, an enclosure has you covered.

People now have the opportunity to get their money’s worth after investing so much in their pool or patio! Instead of being limited to using your outdoor area a few months a year, you get to take advantage of it every day you want.


More Safety and Security

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Sure, the sun feels great during summer, and we appreciate the cold weather come winter, but the inclement weather can ruin our outdoor plans. For example, the sun’s harmful UV rays are actually a serious issue, causing sunburn and other nasty skin conditions we don’t want. Or we end up refusing to touch the pool or outdoor area in fear of frostbite come winter!

With a high-quality aluminum patio enclosure or pool dome enclosure, you get to protect the pool, enclosed outdoor area, and your loved ones. Our pool enclosures have UV-protected panels, so you get a natural filter, with everyone staying cool and comfy.

Besides that, you get to experience added security for your children, pets, and even against criminals. Children and pets are enclosed and won’t try to escape or run too far away from the yard. When you’re all in the outdoor area, you can easily keep an eye on them in case of accidents or injuries.

A patio or pool enclosure can keep robbers at bay, stopping them from either stealing pool equipment or patio furniture.


Increased Property Value with a Patio or Pool Enclosure

Yes, a pool or patio enclosure can increase the value of your home. Potential homebuyers are more interested in a space where they can feel at home when they move in. Moreover, they’d like a space they can use all year long, feeling relaxed and with a fantastic ambiance.

Even if you aren’t interested in selling your property, an enclosure can boost your home’s curb appeal and impress neighbors. Your house will also look and feel more spacious as you have extra area to enjoy. Many homeowners like to expand their living space with a patio enclosure featuring an outdoor kitchen, bar, seating area, among other fun ideas.


Patio or Pool Enclosure: Versatile and Customizable 

If we could recommend an enclosure for most homeowners, it would feature a retractable roof for its versatility. Within minutes, you can open up your space to let the sun and warmth in on a good day to enjoy the outdoors. Or when the weather starts to look gloomy, you can close it up and still enjoy the rain without getting wet.

Furthermore, retractable roof enclosures offer more air ventilation, allowing fresh air even during cloudy days. You get to leave your enclosure partially open or completely open or closed whenever you see fit, allowing more breathing room and comfort.

Here at Covers In Play, you can easily customize our enclosures to fit what you want and need. We have various designs to choose from that fit anyone’s preferences, which we can alter. You can choose between different styles, materials, finishing. Even avail added features like lighting, electric system, retractable features, outdoor blinds, and the like.


Patio Furniture Lasts Longer

You probably know that your patio furniture and pool can experience severe damage if left exposed to bad weather. Heavy winds can topple your furniture, while rain and snow can destroy their materials. Or, too much sun can have the furniture fade.

The same goes with your pool. Heavy winds, rain, and snow can bring in more airborne or windborne pollutants. It can also lead to the need for more chemical treatments or cleaning.

Either way, you end up spending a lot more time, effort, and money maintaining and fixing your pool or outdoor area. You also lose precious time outdoors because of the weather. With a robust aluminum patio enclosure or pool enclosure, you have the assurance that the enclosed area stays safe. Not only that, but the aluminum enclosure itself remains prepared and won’t buckle down to Mother Nature’s harshness.

pool enclosure

Through a covered patio, your furniture won’t face the wrath of intense weather conditions. That way, they look amazing and last longer. Also, there’s no need to worry about moving your outdoor furniture to a storage area during the winter season. Furthermore, your pool won’t require as many cleanings and chemical treatments, so less effort to maintain but more time to enjoy it.


Save Money in the Long Run

You won’t only save money from pool maintenance, chemical treatments, or patio furniture. You also get to save money on heating and cooling costs.

A patio or pool enclosure offers excellent insulation as you can keep the area climate controlled. You save more money from electricity bills because of it, while even helping the environment. Furthermore, a pool enclosure means you won’t have to spend too much on heating pool water, reducing your costs further.


Wrapping It Up

Whether you refer to it as a sunroom, patio room, or patio enclosure, it will bring hours of enjoyment. We make retractable enclosures to fit the style of your home and as an affordable way to add extra outdoor living space to your home.

We design our Pool Enclosures for patios and swimming pools (swimming pool enclosures) to guarantee the utmost comfort. It’s a motorized telescopic system (telescopic pool enclosure) that opens the swimming pool enclosure for 2/3 of its length (2/3 retractable pool cover), or you can open it fully to uncover your swimming pool ultimately.

The Pool Enclosures also increase the commercial value of the swimming pools and embellish the surrounding scenery. If you’re interested in getting a patio enclosure or swimming pool enclosure, contact us now! Let’s discuss your options and price range, we’ will assist you in choosing the product that better suits your requiremen.

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  1. Patio or pergola, can suddenly have another entertainment or retreat area that gives you all the advantages of extra light and space of the outside but with added protection. Thanks!

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