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Thinking about a pool enclosure that perfectly matches your indoors and outdoors can be overwhelming. It's hard to nail down when the choices are unlimited. Right?

That’s what COVERS in Play offers as it provides an impressive range of custom pool enclosures for homes and commercial applications.

Graceful architetcture and style, Covers in Play has the expertise to design and manufacture the pool enclosure of your dreams.

COVERS in Play takes immense pride in its state of the art infrastructure to build the world’s most fascinating pool enclosures.

  • Patented Motorized Pool Enclosure automated Drive System
  • Innovative structural framing system which eliminates need for cross – bracing
  • Typical 80" wall heights or any height desired
  • Various style of doors and windows with screens and locks available
  • Ultra Durable Baked on Architectural Powder Coating
  • Double weather seals at all glazing and between all moving bays and tracks
  • CIP pool enclosures are impervious to the humid pool environment - nothing to rust, mould, corrode or rot
  • Patented Framing system making it the toughest in the industry for high wind or snow loads
  • Built to last - 20 year warranty

Browse through our gallery to get a good look at the depth of our design capabilities.

If you have a specific design in mind, let us know. Our experts are available to extend their in-depth knowledge and expertise to meet your peculiar needs.

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Pool enclosures are becoming a practical reality for a growing number of property owners. Our years of relentless pursuit to better our pool enclosures have made us a sought-after choice across the USA and Canada.

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Covers In Play is at your service in the least possible time anywhere in the United States and Canada.

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Our Custom Pool Enclosures Can withstand Severe Climatic Conditions

Covers in Play enclosures stand out in style and functionality for years.

As the premier choice of customers across the USA, we source the finest quality material and components to add more style and strength to seamlessly withstand hurricane winds, the heaviest rain and snow and even heat.

Be assured that our pool enclosures have a lifespan stretching beyond a decade without deterioration of its aesthetic beauty - 20 year warranty.

Beautify the interiors or uplift the outdoors with our pool enclosures, purposely designed and built to match your specific needs and preferences.

If you can dream it - We can make it Consult Covers In Play For Custom Pool Enclosures

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Every pool owner wants their enclosure to last for decades. However, some enclosures just don't make it. Age, weathering, materials used - it may need some TLC. Timely repair and regular maintenance help you fix most of the issues before they get worse.

Our skilled and experienced installers have the knack of effortlessly managing every minor repair to complete replacement. Share your specifications - size and design to let our designers to begin working on your pool enclosures.

Whether a residence or commercial installation, give us a call to see what solutions are possible.

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