Extend Your Home Living Outdoors


Extending your Home Living Space with an Enclosure

One of the many benefits you may not have thought of already when purchasing a retractable enclosure.

It’s finally summer and outdoor entertaining is perfect way to spend it, but outdoor entertaining doesn’t have to be limited to the summer season, with an enclosure; you can host your outdoor party, whatever the weather! Outdoor and patio decor is becoming more and more prominent in completing your home. Outdoor entertaining just isn’t complete with a trendy and charming space to entertain.

Outdoor and patio decor

Outdoor and Patio Decor

And sometimes it’s a struggle trying to accessorize because trendy doesn’t always mean practical and vice-versa. Decorating with pillows, stylish furniture, table center pieces and other decor can also mean trying to carry everything inside depending on weather conditions to prevent them getting rained on, blown away or becoming dirty or stained. With a retractable pool enclosure, there’s no need to worry about any of this! With a push of a button, you can open and close the enclosure whenever you need to, protecting your outdoor furnishings for long-lasting wear and ultimate protection.

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  1. I have recently purchased a swim spa and I am interested in the retractable pool covers , could you please forward a brochure with sizes and prices .many thanks

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