The beginning

Where to begin.

At the beginning.
No noise. No laughter. No fun.
I wanted laughter. I wanted fun. Fun for me. Fun for us. Fun for everyone.
Let’s get a pool. Let’s get a Sunroom. Let’s have fun. Fun in the sun. Fun, fun, fun.
Into each life, a little rain must fall, a little snow must fall.

And fall, and all.

Push the button. Push the button. PUSH THE BUTTON!
That’s how it started. Fun. Wanting fun.  Wanting sun. How to use a pool all the time.
In bad weather. In cool weather. In the winter.
That’s how it started.

Looking around. Wondering how to do it.
Build it indoors. But, there’s no outdoors. Not so fun.


Enclose the outdoors. Make it better.
Easier, better, cooler.

Waaaay cooooler.

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