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Features - Retractable Pool Enclosures

  • Patented Motorized Enclosure Drive System
  • Innovative framing system which eliminates need for cross – bracing
  • Standard 80" minimum wall height- can be any height, if desired
  • Tempered glass sliding doors and windows with screens and locks available
  • Premium quality architectural paint
  • Double weather seals at all glazing
  • Double weather seals between moving bays
  • CIP enclosures are impervious to the humid pool environment - nothing to rust, mould, corrode or rot
  • Patented Framing making it the strongest in the industry for high snow or wind loads

Please see Design Design for more detailed information about the standard features listed above along with other information about the design of our pool, spa and patio enclosures, or restaurant enclosures.

If you require further information, please contact us contact us.