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Buying an Enclosure is very exciting. But, it’s also a big commitment and can be overwhelming. You want to make sure you’ve got everything right – the type and size of the Enclosure, placement of the Enclosure, and so on. At Covers in Play, we can help with all of that! With custom computer models, drawings and a variety of materials and Enclosure types to choose from, we can help the process of completing your outdoor space. Here are two tips to help take the stress out of buying an Enclosure.

1. Do Your Research
When it comes to Enclosures, the options can seem endless. There are Enclosures of many styles, sizes and our Enclosures are customized to suit your needs. Purchasing a retractable Enclosure gives you the freedom to open and close your Enclosure for optimum use and flexibility. Our Enclosures are also built to withstand varying climates across North America to ensure that your Enclosure lasts through every season. Make sure to spend some time browsing your options, and checking out our gallery of previous customers’ Enclosures. You may also want to print out pictures of Enclosures you like. Start thinking about which shapes and sizes will suit your home and print them out as a visual reference for yourself. Research gives you a better idea of what you’re looking for and assures your satisfaction in the final results.

2. Examine Your Needs
Enclosures can vary from covered patio spaces for gardens or restaurants to covered pool areas for your backyard pool. You may want a lean-to Enclosure for direct access from your house to your Enclosure or a stand-alone Enclosure for a separate private space. Will you want the Enclosure heated in the winter? Should you install a retractable Enclosure so that you can open it in the summer? Take a close look at your particular needs for your Enclosure and use them going forward to decide on the Enclosure that’s best for you and your space.

As well as reflecting on what you want to use the pool for, evaluate your budget and space limits. What kind of Enclosure would maximize your space, while still fitting in with your budget? The more prepared you are, and more familiar you are with your own needs, the smoother the process will be, for your benefit and for ours!

Lean-To Enclosure

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Covers in Play’s TOP 5

The top five reasons why you should consider investing in an automatic pool enclosure

1. Swimming and entertaining all year round!
Take advantage of your pool, terrace or spa every season of the year! Enjoy the use of your facilities whether it’s January or June- and when the weather permits, simply retract the enclosure and enjoy your outdoor pool!

Use year round

Year round use of your Spa

2. Hands free mobility!
Say goodbye to all the hard work dedicated to moving your enclosure manually. Our unique design is the only enclosure in the world that moves with a push of a button.

3. Enjoy the outdoors without any of its hassles!
Our enclosure offers protection from harmful UV rays, insects such as wasps and mosquitoes and other inclement weather conditions such a rain, wind and snow.

Enjoy the Outdoors

Enjoy the Outdoors at a Push of a Button

4. Saving on so many levels!
With your retractable pool enclosure, not only can you reduce ongoing costs such as pool heating and filtration but you can also decrease your chemical use and eliminate water loss due to evaporation.

5. Kiss cleaning goodbye!
Typical pool owners can spend hours cleaning leaves and debris from their pool or patio each week. An enclosure provides a barrier between your pool and the elements, preventing such things from entering your pool or patio area, this reduces the time you spend cleaning and maintaining your pool. Furthermore, with a pool enclosure, closing your pool for your winter is no longer needed thus eliminating the labour and cleaning involved in opening and closing your pool each year.

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Extend Your Home Living Outdoors


Extending your Home Living Space with an Enclosure

One of the many benefits you may not have thought of already when purchasing a retractable enclosure.

It’s finally summer and outdoor entertaining is perfect way to spend it, but outdoor entertaining doesn’t have to be limited to the summer season, with an enclosure; you can host your outdoor party, whatever the weather! Outdoor and patio decor is becoming more and more prominent in completing your home. Outdoor entertaining just isn’t complete with a trendy and charming space to entertain.

Outdoor and patio decor

Outdoor and Patio Decor

And sometimes it’s a struggle trying to accessorize because trendy doesn’t always mean practical and vice-versa. Decorating with pillows, stylish furniture, table center pieces and other decor can also mean trying to carry everything inside depending on weather conditions to prevent them getting rained on, blown away or becoming dirty or stained. With a retractable pool enclosure, there’s no need to worry about any of this! With a push of a button, you can open and close the enclosure whenever you need to, protecting your outdoor furnishings for long-lasting wear and ultimate protection.


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Check Out Our New Website!

…where sleek and stylish meets simple and functional.  Be sure to check out our new and improved photo gallery which now includes additional projects and has been altered for easier use for smart phones and tablets.

Snap Shot of Home Page

Snap Shot of Home Page

Also keep your eye out for new features displayed on our home page, testimonials from our customers, our articles in pool and home magazines and easy access to various social media, where you can share, like and follow us on houzz, facebook, twitter, pinterest and more! Also- keep up with our blog and be in the know with weekly and monthly posts!

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Summer is Here, Well Almost!!

It’s the middle of April and we can sit around the pool and go for a swim outdoors as if it is the middle of Summer.  The temperature is 72F or 20C outside, not hot by any stretch of the imagination but it’s the first time we can enjoy a warm breeze in our bathing suits for 2016.  Now if you live down south that is not a problem most of the time.  Only last week it was snowing and they are predicting snow later this week again, but that does not matter enjoy it while you can!


With a pool enclosure you can swim year round regardless of the weather no matter where you live in USA or  Canada.  You don’t even need to close the pool down.  It’s just like an indoor pool.  However, with a retractable pool enclosure you can open it and enjoy the warm outdoor air regardless the time of year.  Even in April or if you are really lucky and you get a few warm days in March.  With the Covers in Play retractable pool enclosure you just need to push a button.  With Covers in Play patent drive system it opens without pushing or pulling.  Don’t need to get all worked up moving your Enclosure.


Of course the weatherman was right and it snowed a few days later just a bit, but nothing to write home about, more wet snow that didn’t stay.  However, that didn’t matter with the spring sun shining it warmed the enclosure right up to the point we had to open the windows to cool it off.  The only problem you think it is summer and get a quick reminder when you step outside.

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Bigger is Better

Covers in Play Enclosures  are getting bigger and bigger.  Over the years our clients are requesting larger and larger Enclosures.  Size is not a problem for Covers in Play since our patent design is scalable to almost any size.   The limitation is only your imagination.

Large Pool Enclosure

Large Pool Enclosure

Covers in Play started with the goal to be the best. With our engineering firm Palladium we analyzed existing products on the market, sun rooms, curtain wall systems and with our experience from other engineering fields such as nuclear, machine design and consumer products developed truly aesthetically pleasing Pool Enclosures that are stronger, build better and have a patented features.

Lean To Enclosure with Style

No cross bracing or doubling up of supports. Allowing for a clear unobstructed view.

Pushing Pool Enclosures, not us. We drive cars now, not horse and buggy so why would anyone want to push a building around. Not Covers in Play. That is why we continued to apply our engineering expertise and pushed forward developing our patented drive system to move these aesthetically pleasing Pool Enclosures. No manual pushing, No slipping and falling. Only need to push a button to move our Pool Enclosures, except if you want to push it.

Retracted Lean-To Enclosure

Retracted Lean-To Enclosure Open

To better understand the difference of our engineering, quality and customer service give us a call today at Covers in Play.



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Roof Enclosures

We frequently get asked how wide are your Enclosures and do you have retractable roofs. The answer to both these questions is what size do you need and yes we do. Our latest project in Utah is a retractable roof enclosure that is 63 feet wide that was designed to match the profile of the existing building. Using our patented framing and drive system our retractable roof enclosure opens with a push of a button, just like our regular enclosures, to enjoy the southern Utah air and admire the mountains.

Roof Enclosure

Lifting End Wall of Roof Enclosure in Place

This project allows Covers in Play to show our engineer expertise in design and build of large retractable enclosures for any building or location. Controlling your environment with the latest technology by retracting the roof allows you to be completely outside when the weather is nice, and when it’s not, no problem just push the button and you are back indoors.

This project required the use of a crane to lift the pre-assembled bays in place on the top of the 10’ walls. Due to the large span and height of the roof enclosure the bays were assembled beside the final roof enclosure location taking advantage of ground level and the necessary equipment.

End Wall of Enclosure Roof

End Wall in Place

With the very high winds in southern Utah our roof enclosure and the end bay in particular required extra attention. The large end wall span acts like a kite on those windy days and needed reinforcing inside our framing structure as well on the exterior. These exterior framing supports are in line with the vertical mullions and painted to match the color of the roof enclosure. So strength and beauty are maintained.

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The Endless Pools / Covers in Play Team

Endless Pool and Covers in Play teamed for the first time in August 2014 for the ITU World Triathlon Grand Final in Edmonton. The hugely successful event saw over 5,000 athletes and was broadcast to a worldwide TV audience of 21 million in 160 countries.

ITU World Triathlon

ITU World Triathlon

The Covers in Play and Endless Pools team demonstrated the practicality and convenience that can be achieved by combining the design and installation of the two systems into fully integrated weather protected, year round enclosed exercise pool installations.

Year round enclosed exercise pool

Year round enclosed exercise pool

With five models presented in 10 different sizes, Endless Pools offer swim spas to suit any budget. And with standard Spa Rooms and custom built enclosures designed and built by Covers in Play, complete packages are now available.

Swim Spa by Endless Pools and Covers in Play enclosure package deal

Swim Spa by Endless Pools and Covers in Play enclosure package deal

For a complete exercise, swim spa by Endless Pools and Covers in Play enclosure package deal, call Covers in Play today.


Spa Rooms and custom built enclosures designed and built by Covers in Play

Spa Rooms and custom built enclosures designed and built by Covers in Play


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Edmonton Mayor takes plunge under Covers in Play SpaRoom


Covers in Play Sponsors World Triathlon Grand Final Edmonton

Covers in Play Sponsors World Triathlon Grand Final Edmonton 2014

On Tuesday August 26th, Mayor Don Iveson was working up a sweat as he welcomed the TransCanada Corp. World Triathlon Grand Final to Edmonton. The weeklong event will be a far cry from the 2001 ITU World Triathlon Championship, as it was known then.

Triathlon was just starting to emerge in the international sporting conscience, and Edmonton was the first host following its debut at the 2000 Olympics. Edmonton 2014 expects upward of 5,000 athletes, with the event beamed to a worldwide TV audience of 21 million in 160 countries.

Covers in Play Sponsors World Triathlon Grand Final Edmonton

Covers in Play Sponsors World Triathlon Grand Final Edmonton

Edmonton Mayor Don Iveson takes a swim under Covers in Play SpaRoom Enclosure

Don Iveson mayor of Edmonton takes a plunge in the SpaRoom








As the Mayor demonstrated after his workout, the Endless Pools and Covers in Play team create the perfect training and therapy environment for year round exercise at smaller locations, residences, clubs or clinics.

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Covers in Play Sponsors World Triathlon Grand Final Edmonton

Covers In Play Alberta is a Sponsor for the World Triathlon Grand Final Edmonton. Come see us Aug 26 – Aug 28, 2014 at Churchill Square and Aug 27 – Sept 1, 2014 at Hawrelak Park.

Churchill Square will be home to a 12’9” X 12’9” SpaRoom™ as well as a 23’ X 14’6” variation of the SpaRoom™ to fit a 17” Endless Pools Swim Spa!

On August 29th the 12’9” X 12’9” SpaRoom™ will be at Hawrelak Park.
Come out and See us to discuss your Covers In Play project and/or Take a Demo Swim in an Endless Pool.

Covers in Play Sponsors World Triathlon Grand Final Edmonton 2014

Covers in Play Sponsors World Triathlon Grand Final Edmonton 2014

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