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Warranty of Enclosures are not equal. Check your warranty for you may be surprised what it really covers.

Collapsible Enclosures: Even when you don’t want it to be!

Every storm brings in calls from across the country of failed Enclosures to Covers in Play. Some Enclosures fail within months, others last a year or two. Some fail from snow or ice. Others just blow away.

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How strong are your Enclosures?

Covers in Play enclosures are custom built to suit the building code requirements at each installation. They are designed to withstand the highest snow load levels without the need to remove the snow, as with other manufacturers.

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How much does a Pool Enclosure cost?

Pool Enclosures & Pool Shelters Before we jump into pool enclosure cost we need to understand the difference between a pool enclosure and a pool shelter or pool cover.  Unfortunately they are not the same yet the name pool enclosure … Continue reading

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